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Switzerland emerged as the primary conference venue (at least 14 conferences), followed by the United Kingdom (13), the United States (12), France (10), Netherlands (9), Belgium (5), and Germany (5).--- The history of the conferences reflects the ups and downs of various peace organizations, e.g.Most of the information presented below was obtained from the World Wide Web and is therefore incomplete, and many conferences have undoubtedly been omitted altogether.

The ethical pacifism of these first societies was later strengthened by ideas emanating from France which saw international law as an alternative to wars and as a way to solve international conflicts." -- From Santi (1991) & Andr Durand (1996).

-- Today's peace movement has no international structure under which anything like the "universal" peace conferences of the 19th and early 20th centuries could be organized.

-- Aside from some of the halls in which peace conference took place (and three museums in Switzerland), very few monuments were created to perputuate the memory of peace conferences.

-- Peace conferences nevertheless created a general appreciation of international cooperation, the principle of international arbitration was established, and some specific organizations were created, e.g.

the Red Cross in 1864 and the International Olympic Committee in 1894.

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