Conscious dating singles

It’s up to you to learn how to choose a partner wisely and create strong, happy, healthy lasting love.No matter what you’ve been through – dating disasters, painful relationships, excruciating breakups – your past does not have to determine your future.Or, are you so infatuated that you avoid seeing the obvious red flags that make this date a poor partnership choice?

Dating with clarity and confidence is a learnable skill – and the Roadmap course teaches it to you!

Because it’s hard to get where you’re going without a map!

We often hear women say, “Lesbians don’t know how to date.” All too often, we either stay completely platonic forever (maybe because both women are waiting for the other one to make something happen!

Then I joined the network and haven't missed one tele-seminar or tele-clinic. Singles, join this network and start counting your blessings!

Lesbians and queer women are amazing, strong, brave, resourceful women.

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