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What we didn't realise was that men wouldn't be interested when we were ready.

My generation was spoilt - unrealistic, even - and we wanted everything to be heightened and fabulous. What she is trying to say here is that feminism pushed marriage and motherhood down the list of priorities ("there was more to contend with beforehand").

Yes, the life I have today is not quite the one I envisaged 20 years ago as a young woman.

So if you're not giving off 'young' (equals fertile), you're going home alone. If I go to a bar and the place is packed with young women, I feel myself shrink. In my close circle of friends, there are eight of us who are single and childless.

This is a generational phenomenon - we are all aged between 37 and 45.

The 20s were thought to be the decade for an independent girl lifestyle, complete with ill-fated flings with the wrong sort of men (already there was pressure on men to "thug up"). They were giving a low priority to what was a key to their future happiness.

They were putting last on the list something that ought to have been near the top.

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It was easy to predict that there would be many regrets later on. My generation of women are now in their late 30s and early 40s.

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