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Led by the outraged head of President Nixon, Zoidberg is ostracized by the citizens of Earth and chased into the Decapodian embassy, where he is provided shelter.One Supreme Court hearing later, Zoidberg is sentenced to death.While delivering a package to a planet inhabited by robots, where humans are killed instantly, Bender becomes intoxicated with the robot lifestyle and must choose between becoming a celebrity of sorts or saving his friends' lives.Fry discovers he's a billionaire because his savings have been accruing interest for 1,000 years.Bender puts his sinful lifestyle behind him when he joins the Temple of Robotology.

This was also our first look into Decapod 10, complete with sunny beaches all day, errday, a thriving civilization, and, of course, crab cars.

This is not only one of the few occasions where Zoidberg doesn’t mess up a medical operation, but it’s the moment that all hardcore Zoidberg fans have been waiting for: a long-awaited, well-deserved shot at true happiness., “A Taste of Freedom” takes place on Zoidberg’s favorite Earth holiday: Freedom Day.

For one day, everyone on Earth is allowed to do whatever they want without suffering any repercussions - that is, until Zoidberg, getting caught up in the excitement, eats an Earth flag in front of everyone.

The sentencing incurs the wrath of his brethren, and after the Earth’s refusal to stand down from the embassy, the Decapods unleash their war machines and quickly enslave the Earth and all its citizens.

Zoidberg ultimately feels remorse after seeing his friends enslaved, and with the help of a burning Earth flag, directs a heat-seeking missile into the Decapods's giant crab-walking fortress and frees humanity from its crustacean clutches. Zoidberg was commonly known for being meek, submissive, and lacking any competitive qualities.

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