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It’s something not contrived or born of any desire to reach an audience. This band has been a complete unique experience in that respect, at least in terms of trying to forge a ‘career in music.’ Bryn and I had gotten to the point where we thought maybe this wasn’t the way to go.We just did it for fun, and that spoke to people more than anything else we worked on. Bryn was going to go back to his career as a video game programmer and I was just going to find something else to do.Below is our conversation with Necochea about touring, influence, politics, throwing his corpse out of a plane and flatulent women.AN: From what I could tell, we played for a lot of Guitar Hero fans and people who heard about us through friends of friends, or came across us on My Space. But for the most part a lot of the kids we meet are anywhere between…well, I guess at a club like that they have to be over 18, but usually they are just much younger kids who are video game fans, who have heard about us through Guitar Hero II.

Trying to kick the ball forward a little bit instead of kicking it side to side. We originally just started it as a celebration of the things we loved when we were kids. We’re fortunate in that when we were putting the project together we wanted that big vocal sound. I really think the greatest threat to humanity is not a meteor or comet hurtling toward the planet, it’s us. Bad politics, the spread of…oh, man, I could get in trouble…AN: [Laughs] Yeah, a little bit of macho posturing.I tell you man, it’s a really big thrill, just to go out and play in towns we’ve never been to. We’ve had situations where we’ve played New York and girls are in the front row singing along to our guitar solos.Most bands they have fans who feel their music speaks to them, but your fans can say, ‘I learned to play guitar on your shit and not on Eleanor Rigby! We had some mixed success, we played large venues in and around Boston.We got to the point where we said fuck it, we just want to have some fun and we’d laugh a lot going over old Ozzy Osbourne stuff we listened to as kids, just giggle about it.

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