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Through the assessment process we can feed back any recurrent issues that may arise and work with the operator to sustain social responsibility standards and responsible gambling policy and practice.

We know that players now recognise Gam Care Certification as a seal of approval.

Tramp je rekao i da će Severna Koreja, ukoliko ugrozi SAD, biti uništena.

This document provides comprehensive feedback for the operator on the outcomes of Gam Care Assessment.

Sedeo sam na klupi i bio sam impresioniran defanzivnim zalaganjem Noriča.

minutu, preokrenuo rezultat prvim kontaktom sa loptom, a onda za prolazak dalje drugim golom glavom u produžetku u 96. Nama je nedostajalo ideja, falilo nam je prilika za gol.

Gam Care Certification can help demonstrate an operators commitment to Responsible Gaming.

Working with the regulators and the industry, we are raising the awareness of problem gambling and helping the operator to improve player protection measures.

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Depending on the outcomes of the Assessment there may be some actions that you will need to take to meet Gam Care Certification requirements.

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