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They are excessively caring, loving and attentive at this stage.They shower their targets with attention, compliments and literally sweep them off their feet.Once a target has been chosen, it’s almost like the Narcissist gets tunnel vision.They are hyper-vigilant in their pursuit and will project the perfect image that their victim wants them to be.This is as close as a Narcissist will ever get to feeling love.This kind of idolization is what others would call infatuation.The Over-evaluation Phase A Narcissist is very careful when choosing a target.Typically, they will choose a victim based on their status.

The Devaluation Stage The Over-Evaluation phase, if you’re dealing with a Somatic Narcissist, usually lasts anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months, just long enough for the Narcissist to be confident that they have secured their target’s love and devotion.Days or weeks could go by and you won’t hear from them.They don’t return your phone calls, they don’t keep a single promise and you’re starting to suspect that they might be involved with someone else.They place their target on a pedestal, idolize and worship them.Their target is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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The target is left baffled and confused and wondering what they did wrong to cause such an abrupt turnaround.

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