Men dating two women at once

This is true both in terms of knowing what you need for your own pleasure, and what it takes to drive a guy wild.

Remember, the guys who call you a slut are going home every night to a large porn collection, not a woman. When you’re feeling confident, you get way more attention from the opposite sex.Confidence really is one of the most attractive qualities, and the best way to have the feeling of confidence is to feel wanted.When you know there are two or even more guys just waiting for your call, you know you’re hot. It’s often said that people who have just had sex have a glow around them.When you date more than one guy, you’ll have a perpetual glow about you.You’ll walk with your head high and a confident smile, and you’ll notice a surge in the amount of attention you get. Most women are aroused by a lot of different types of sex.

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