Ps3 not updating games

Following successful download of the update, the install process begins, but always stops at around 14%.

I have attempted the following to try and resolve the issue myself, but nothing has worked so far, with the game update failing to complete every time I try to install it: Deletion of the corrupted game file and re-download/reinstall of both the game and the update; Restored PS3 to Default Settings; Reset settings on my external modem and checked for any firewall settings that may be interfering with PS3 downloads (there are none on my modem); and Re-downloaded both the game and the update via wired connection (as opposed to wireless, which we have always used and never had any issues with) and reattempted installation.

Making the game access the disk for a small data call, like changing the skin, seems to prevent it from choking on the much larger data calls, like pulling in the World list. Can't even re down load packs to make them work because there is a bug which duplicates at least one pack on the menu.

It is almost as if the small data call allows Minecraft to see how much space is actually available in a temporary cache location, before attempting to load the next chunks of data. Every time you RE down load one, it over writes the NEXT! Thank you so much for the workaround, I had the same problems as described here and all is working fine with this workaround.

At this point if I press the PS3 button and choose "quit game", after a while there is a beep and the whole ps3 system reboots.

I have the exact same issue and this is the only thread out on the internet talking about it!!

my son has been working on a world all summer, after updating to V1.57 the he cannot get past the 'loading' message on the main menu.

Is there any way to contact Ubisoft from this site?

I have to do this every time though and it takes a few tries..not cool.

I tried clearing the Save Cache and the Minecraft settings (not the worlds! Can't even go to Minecraft support since it just redirects to Playstation Support.

Used the work around, worked a few times but still having major issues. I have a problem now in which there are 2 worlds that my kids have built but for some reason we can't access them. Any suggestions as to why or how we can get them working again?

Tried playing 2 players offline but when the other player joins it crashes the game instantly.

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