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But the teachers' own experience suggests just the opposite: that working in consonance with gender differences can help to boost achievement for both girls and boys, even in a coed classroom.

For example, students in the 4th grade at Woodward were assigned either to single-sex or coed classrooms.2008 update: in a recent report on NBC Nightly News, Professor Kathy Piechura-Couture of Stetson University , reported that over the four years of the pilot study, 55% of boys in the coed classrooms scored proficient on the FCAT, compared with 85% of boys in the all-boys classes. After extensive interviews with the teachers, the Stetson researchers believe that the coed classrooms are catching up because the teachers are learning how to deploy the strategies learned in the single-gender classrooms in coed classrooms.Critics of single-gender classroom formats often insist that we should ignore gender differences or work against them.The scholars from Penn recognized that the random nature of the assignment creates the opportunity to compare single-gender schools with coed schools, without the usual confounding variables which would accompany any attempt at a similar comparison among North American schools.All the schools in the study are publicly-funded; none of them charges any fees or tuition.

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