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Portillo finds out about the Coventry Blitz, meets the last farmer with pure-breed Aylesbury ducks in Buckinghamshire, and finds out how the trains helped to evacuate millions of children during World War II.

Along the way, he explores the magnificent Ribblehead viaduct, finds out about the [Navvy At Windermere, Portillo delves into the history of the railway station and takes a steamboat tour of the lake, then visits William Wordsworth's home village of Grasmere and makes sausages with a local Herdwick sheep farmer.The Bradshaw's Guide were a series of Victorian guidebooks written by George Bradshaw; it was the first comprehensive timetable and travel guide of the railway system in Great Britain, which at the time although extensive, still comprised a series of fragmented and competing railway companies and lines each publishing their own literature.Classified by the BBC in both the travel and history genres, the series features Portillo using the guide to plan his journeys, in the process visiting points of interest picked out in the guide and comparing its content with the modern world, both the physical and cultural.Portillo goes fishing with the last eel trapper on the Fens at Ely and visits one of the great triumphs of 19th-century engineering, the Denver Sluice.He ends this leg in King's Lynn, where he uncovers an ambitious plan to reclaim the Wash in Bradshaw's day.

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Each series features Portillo travelling a different route each week, with each daily episode being one short leg of the journey.

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