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She tells him “My mom is staying with me and so I can only stay for 30 minutes.” The two exchange small talk and end up doing a Sake bomb. Sheree meets with her life coach Jack and tells him “I did have the conversation with the kids.” He asks her “How did that go?

” She tells him “I feel much lighter.” While they are talking Sheree gets a phone call from Tyrone.

He hopes to be home by the end of the year.” Jack asks her “Are you worried? He’s the love of my life.” Jack then hits her with a sobering question.

will return to our television screens in November, and you may recognize one of the newest cast members from another popular reality show.

Cynthia then says “I hope Sheree doesn’t have to wait too long for her boo to get out of prison so she can be with him.” Porsha and Dominic are at the house when two dating consultants named Katherine and Jennifer show up to try and help Porsha find a man.This week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Sheree is shopping for doors for her basement to finish up her house. She tells her “I’m looking for doors for the spa.” Porsha is excited to help her.She tells her “Hurry up and get it done honey because I want to come to your spa.” Cynthia invites Kandi and Kenya over to her house for a sit-down. I was ok at points, but when they started the final goodbyes I lost it.” Everyone is discussing the trip to San Francisco.I also am ok with dating outside my race.” They also want to know what she looks for as far as how a man dresses and facial hair.Then they ask her for a tour of the house to get a better idea of the house.

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